Mar 1

You may have noticed that my stained glass store is now also featuring some alcohol ink paintings, trivets, and suncatchers!  This is a new medium I’m working with and absolutely loving.  It allows me to create pieces that are just as unique and colorful as my stained glass (while giving my hands a little break from the rigors of stained glass work).

If you’re not familiar with alcohol inks, they are concentrated dyes that are combined with alcohol instead of water, oils, or acrylic…

Mar 1

All stained glass art is not created equally, and as with most things, it’s a buyer beware situation when buying stained glass pieces.  Here I will give you some things to look for to ensure the stained glass piece you are considering is a good one.

1.  This may seem obvious, but be sure it is actually made of GLASS!  There are a lot of inexpensive pieces advertised as stained glass that are actually colored acrylic (plastic), and/or painted glass or acrylic.  While these can add a…

Mar 1

Though I may be a bit biased, I’ve seen over and over again how cherished a stained glass gift can be to the recipient.  But what makes it so special?

Well, consider that a stained glass piece is usually displayed in a room window that is seen and enjoyed many times every day, whereas a piece of jewelry or clothing is only worn occasionally.  A stained glass piece can also be personalized in a way that other gifts can’t be, because you can have them custom made in most any color and…

Mar 1

Glass Arts 101

Have you heard the terms “stained glass”, “fused glass”, “blown glass”, and “lamp working”, but aren’t sure what the differences are between them all?  I thought I’d outline the basics to give a better understanding of each one.

First let’s talk about the glass itself.  Stained glass is colored and clear glass that is manufactured and sold in sheets, rods, chips, and frit (crushed glass).  It comes in many different textures as well as colors.  There are about…

Mar 1

In response to the growing popularity of my stained glass standing birds for collecting and gift giving, and at the request of some of my customers, I'm starting a Bird Watchers Club emailing list to send members immediate notifications when new colors of standing birds are available.  Since many are one-of-a-kind pieces, knowing when they come out will give you the best chance to scoop up a new favorite!

If you would like to join the club, please give me your email address using the…