About Me

Welcome!  My name is Sharon Yetter, and I create stained glass, fused glass, fluid art paintings, jewelry, and home decor in my home studio in Reisterstown Maryland (near Baltimore and Washington DC). This is my passion and full time gig--not a hobby.  I have been working with glass for over 20 years, and it never gets old.  I've also become addicted to collecting vintage glassware to use in my stained glass pieces, display in my home, and sell what I don't have room for any more.

I love to create pieces in all different styles, from modern to traditional, realistic to whimsical, and everything in between!  While I can do very intricate designs if requested, my personal style is to keep designs clean and simple with minimal solder lines and wire accents so that the beauty and nuances of the glass itself are highlighted.  My alcohol ink and acrylic painting art lets me satisfy my love of abstract design and color in a different medium.  All of my stained glass pieces are constructed using the copper foil method (also known as the "Tiffany" method).  All fused glass pieces are kiln fired and properly annealed for stability and strength.  All alcohol ink pieces are sealed and treated with a UV protectant.  Acrylic paintings may or may not be sealed, based on the painting.  (Acrylic paint doesn't require sealing, though sometimes it can enhance the look of certain ones).

Growing up and living in Maryland, also known as "America in Miniature", I am influenced by the many different cultures, all sizes of cities and small towns, and various land and water terrains within it.  I live in a small town near Maryland horse country, but am within 45 minutes of the major cities of Baltimore and Washington DC, and within 1-2 hours of mountains, beaches, lakes, forests, farmland, and flatlands.  Many of the pieces I create reflect my loves and life--especially those related to the beach, nature, music, and public service (from my years working as the administrator for the Burtonsville VFD).

In addition to the pieces shown in my store, I am also happy to create custom pieces for you!  One of my specialties is creating stained glass renderings from photos, which make truly special personalized gifts! Some ideas to create a one-of-a-kind gift include depicting a favorite place, pet, sport, flower, hobby, organization or team logo, family crest....the possibilities really are endless.  Stained glass panels are also a great way to block out a not-so-great view looking out a window, and/or to provide privacy from looking in.  They can be made to hang in the window, or to fit snugly into the inside of the window frame or cabinet door.  The maximum size custom stained glass panel I offer is 2 foot x 3 foot.  Please see my FAQ and Policies page for more details on custom orders. https://www.stainedglassyourway.com/faqs-policies and check out the Gallery page to see examples of custom pieces I've done.  My blog article on creating custom pieces can also help guide you in the process: https://www.stainedglassyourway.com/blog/creating-custom-stained-glass-window-panel

I have both ready to ship and made to order pieces in my store.  Unless noted as "made to order" in the item description, the item will be shipped within 1-2 business days of purchase.  The shipping time for made to order pieces will be noted in the item description as applicable.  All paintings and jewelry pieces are one of a kind originals and ready to ship.  All vintage glassware is ready to ship.

New creations are continuously posted for sale in my store, so stop by again to see what's new!  If you don't see the design you're looking for, or would like one of my current designs made in different colors or sizes, please just message me through the Contact page with what you would like.  I can usually accommodate most requests, and will get back to you quickly--usually within a couple hours during the day.  That's why I call it "Stained Glass YOUR Way".  It's important to me to create pieces that are both beautiful and meaningful to my customers, since they are giving me the honor of displaying them in their homes!