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Stained Glass Standing Bird Suncatcher

free standing stained glass birds, partridge shaped with beaks and wire legs. measure three inches by four inches.. Available in 6 colors Stained Glass Standing Bird Suncatcher Stained Glass Standing Bird Suncatcher Stained Glass Standing Bird Suncatcher Stained Glass Standing Bird Suncatcher Stained Glass Standing Bird Suncatcher
Stained Glass Standing Bird Suncatcher
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Only 20 available
Primary color

These adorable free-standing stained glass birds look great on a windowsill, desk, or tabletop! Each bird measures approximately 4 1/2" wide and 3 1/2" tall. They come in the six colors shown as follows: (The price listed is for ONE bird.)

Red opalescent art glass

Turquoise/aqua blue opalescent art glass

Cobalt blue cathedral art glass

Pink swirl opalescent art glass

Green opalescent art glass

Yellow opalescent art glass

Each has a yellow opalescent glass beak (the yellow one has a black beak). 16 gauge wire is bent and soldered on for the legs. The colored swirls in the opalescent glass in yours may be slightly different than the ones pictured, as each piece of this type of glass is unique. When ordering, you can indicate the number of each color selected after it is added to your cart. 

Please note that these are for display/decorative purposes only and are not children's toys, and that excessive bending of the wire legs could damage them.

Each piece of glass is carefully selected, cut and shaped by hand, and assembled using the copper foil method (also known as the Tiffany method.)

These are made to order, and will ship within 5 business days from the date of your order.  

Click here to see all standing bird colors available:  If you'd like one or more made in other colors or sizes, please message me to discuss your color options.  One idea is to have a larger "momma" bird and smaller baby birds made in the birthstone colors of mom and kids.

If you would like to be added to the Bird Watchers Club mailing list to receive email notifications when new colors of birds become available, please either message me with your name and email address through the contact page, or request to be added to the list in the notes of your order.


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