Stained Glass Window Valence, Custom Window Treatment

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**IMPORTANT NOTE** This listing is for informational purposes only--please do not purchase it. Once we finalize the details of your custom valence, I will create a custom listing for you to use to complete the purchase. The price listed is approximately what a similar sized (22" x 10") and design custom piece like the one in the first three photos would cost. The price and shipping for yours may vary depending on the width, height, design, and glass colors you desire, but all will be quoted up front prior to purchase. The maximum size each individual panel can be made is 22" wide, and 12" tall (at the tallest points), so multiple side-by-side hanging valences would need to be made for wider window spans.

The ones pictured incorporate several different types and colors of opalescent and cathedral art glasses. They are framed on three sides in zinc channel framing with permanent hangers installed into the frame. The last four photos show examples of custom ones/sets installed in my customers' windows. These can also be used to hang in the center of a window or wall as a decorative art piece.

These valences can be hung from chain, wire, or hooks attached to eyehooks installed in your window frame, or you can hang them off of a curtain rod directly or attached to curtain rings on a rod.

To begin designing your custom valence, please message me with the following information:

1. The number of panels and the widths you need (remember, 22" is the max width, so larger spans need multiple panels)
2. The maximum vertical height desired (12" or less)
3. Whether you want a design similar to the one pictured with varied irregular vertical pieces, or something different (and what)
4. The glass colors and types you would like incorporated. Glass types refers to cathedral (translucent), or opalescent (semi-opaque)
5. Your zip code so I can quote shipping.

This will give me the information needed to prepare a quote for you. Please don't hesitate to ask any other questions you may have too, or to send me a photo of where it will be hung to match your color scheme, etc.

The turnaround time for your order will depend on the size/complexity of your order and my current order load at the time, but will be included in your quote.

Each piece of glass is carefully selected, cut and shaped by hand, and assembled using the copper foil method (also known as the Tiffany method.)